2013 Rice Entrepreneurship Workshop 

(Limited to 60 Participants)
The Workshop is designed for both new entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a new venture or existing entrepreneurship are working to expand their existing start-up.  Open to entrepreneurs with ANY type of business.

Event Dates: Eight Thursdays from Sept 19 – Nov. 14, 2013, 4-6 pm
Event Location: Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University
Lead Faculty Instructor:  Dr. Al Napier, Professor of Management, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University
Registration Deadline: Monday, Sept. 16, 2013 (Note: we expect the course to fill up prior to the deadline).

Workshop Fees: (includes all sessions and course materials)
General Admission: $295 
Current Rice University Faculty, Staff or Student (with valid Rice email address): $195
All classes are held from 4:00-6:00pm in McNair Hall at Rice University

So you want to start a business!  The Entrepreneurship Workshop is designed for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a new venture and entrepreneurs who are currently working to expand their existing start-up.  The Workshop will meet 8 times over a nine-week period and will be conducted in a classroom environment.

This workshop provides a process for starting a business that enhances the chances for success.  The process includes four stages through which an entrepreneur should proceed in order to start and operate a business.  These processes include:   1) opportunity, 2) launch, 3) growth, and 4) harvest.  Each stages includes a number of activities that must be completed.
  1. Opportunity stage activities include:
    a.   determining some ideas
    b.   selecting an idea to pursue
    c.   consideration of the type of business
  2. Launch stage activities include:
    a.   attracting stakeholders and resources
    b.   completing business planning activities
    c.   determining  legal form for the organization
    d.   consideration of tax issues
    e.   finding ways to finance the company
  3. Growth stage activities include:
    a.   managing the growth of the company so it proceeds at an appropriate profitable pace
  4. Harvest (exit) stage activities include:
    a.   selling the company
    b.   going public
    c.   using the “entity” as a cash cow
    d.   avoiding liquidation or bankruptcy
The individual sessions will include the use of many case examples.  Attendees will be exposed to examples of what worked well for entrepreneurs that succeeded and what did not work well for entrepreneurs that failed.  The class is designed to have a high degree of interaction among the participants as well as with the instructors.

The Fall 2013 Rice Entrepreneurship Workshop is limited to the first 40 paid participants on a first-come, first-served basis.  We expect the workshop to "sell out" before the deadline.

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