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Three companies have raised over $20 million each; all three are still in business.

  • Auditude (IT)
  • Semprus BioSciences (Life Science)
  • Veran Medical Technologies (Life Science)

11 companies have raised over $10 million each; 10 companies or 91% are still in business.

48 companies have raised over $1 million each; 43 companies or 89% are still in business.

99 companies have raised over $100 thousand each; 81 companies or 82% are still in business. 


Total Funds Raised to Date, in Millions

$57 million has been raised from April 1, 2011 to October 1, 2011


Since the RBPC’s inception in 2001, 354 teams have competed; of these, 133 or 37% are still in business today.  An additional 5 have exited successfully.

 133+ Successful Company Start-Ups (As of October 2011)


SuccessStories2011_graph3  Of the 354 teams, 297 or 83% have launched.  Of the companies that have launched, 133 are still in business, and 5 companies have exited successfully.

Of the 42 teams competing in 2010, 31 or 74% have launched and are in business; another 7 or 16% are planning to launch soon.

From April 2010 to April 2011, the teams representing the 2010 competition have raised over $15.4 million..
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  • Tympanogen (2016) takes research to new heights aboard the International Space Station 
  • Acquired by Home Depot, Black Locus (2011) serves as the Innovation Hub for the retail giant
  • Making a spectacular exit, Auditude (2005) is sold to Adobe for $110M 
  • Dynamics (2009): designing & manufacturing battery powered, interactive credit cards
  • Adhesys Medical (2014) wins big at the 2016 MassChallenge 
  • From Malta to London & New York to Shanghai, essDOCS' (2004) paperless trading platform powers international shipping
  • A76 (2015), developing anti-corrosion coatings and lubricants, rebrands as Aidant Brands
  • Neopenda (2016): finalist at the 2016 SXSW Startup Showcase  
  • SiNode Systems (2013): collaborating with the Argonne National Laboratory to build better batteries
  • Soko (SasaAfrica, 2012) chats with Forbes about fashion-tech 
  • Allyson Sawyer, a woman succeeding in the energy space with Rebellion Photonics (2010) 
  • Polytorx(2003) Helix Steel reinforces the underground tunnels linking the Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Station
  • Broadway & baseball, Qcue (2008) provides dynamic ticket pricing for events across the continent
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